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5 most mysterious encounters with UFOs and the 5 most brazen counterfeits

On July 2, the progressive part of humanity, which is not much embarrassed by the possible existence of aliens on our planet, marks the Day of the ufologist . Or the World UFO Day. The date is connected with a loud event of the last century. Namely, with the fall of July 2, 1947, there was an object near the American town of Roswell in the state of New Mexico. The military itself was later called a "flying saucer", reporting on the incident in the local newspaper.

Is it really near Roswell that something alien has fallen, it is no longer important. That was a long time ago. But from the Roswell incident, as it is now called, the history of ufology began. That's what they celebrate.
Thanks to the events of 1947, as well as the subsequent events, people joined the two opposing camps. Some - to those who believe in aliens, others - to those who do not believe. Both those and others are "nourished" by UFO sightings, reported by eyewitnesses. There are absolutely mysterious cases. But there are unscrupulous hoaxes. In honor of the holiday we tell today about the most famous: 5 one and 5 others.
1. "Little People" from Socorro. USA, 1964 year.
On April 24, police officer Lonnie Zamora from Socorro, New Mexico, noticed a speeding car. He was already catching up to the intruder when a roar sounded from above. He looked at the sky. I saw "a bluish and orange flame, from above narrower than the bottom." Lonnie could not see where the flames were coming from - the setting sun was interfering.
The policeman stopped the pursuit and turned onto the road leading to the top of the hill. The road was bad, and the climb was so steep that it was only after the third attempt that he reached the summit. During this time, the roar has stopped.
In the ravine there was a shiny object in the shape of an egg from the metal, whitish in color, resembling aluminum. Zamora saw two pillars and a red sign on the board, which resembled the letter "A" with two additional features. Then the policeman noticed that he was not alone:
"I saw two small figures in white, dressed in something like working overalls, next to the object, standing and sort of looking at the hull." One of the creatures turned his head, apparently hearing or seeing the car. "It noticed me, because when turned and looked in my direction, then it would have jumped with surprise. "
While Zamora got out of the car, the "little men" disappeared. He went to the "egg", but then a loud roar began, which began at low frequencies, then from just loud it became unbearably loud. The flame flared under the object, and it began to rise.
Zamora was frightened that the object could explode, and rushed to escape, and then lay down and covered his head with his hands. When the roar stopped, the policeman again looked up. UFO silently moved a few meters above the ground, Then rose and disappeared in the distance.
Zamora approached the car and called the police station. He asked Nep Lopez to look out the window. When Lopets asked what he should see, Zamora explained: "It's like a balloon." But Lopets could not see the object: the window of his room was facing north.

On the landing site there were traces of four pillars, burnt bushes and traces of the aliens themselves. The roar, as it turned out later, was heard on the southern outskirts of Socorro. Three people - not from among the city's residents - said they saw an ovoid UFO, "which almost knocked down the roof of their car."

FBI agent Arthur Bernes, who participated in the investigation, confirmed that he personally knows Zamora in the service. His official report says that an eyewitness "can be described as a sober, hardworking, conscientious person and not inclined to fantasy." Zamora was absolutely sober, but very excited about what happened to him. "
Later, an inquirer from the Air Force asked Lonnie to change the testimony. This, they say, should "help calculate the crooks and loonies who will say that they saw such an object." After the conversation Zamora began to draw another sign - a hemisphere with an arrow inside.
The symbol aboard the UFO, seen by Zamora: the present (left) and distorted at the request of the military (right).
In the declassified documents of the US Air Force and the FBI, the incident with Lonnie Zamora is still considered unidentified.
2. Interception of UFOs over Tehran. Iran, 1976.
Late in the evening of September 18, residents of Tehran saw a strange object. Several townspeople called Mehrabad airport.Dispatcher Hussein Peruzi came out to see what was wrong.
"I saw an object of a rectangular shape, 7-8 m in length and about two meters in width," he said. "Looking at it more closely, I can say that it was probably cylindrical." The whitish-blue light pulsed at the ends, and around the middle part of the cylinder in a circle ran a red light. "
At 12.30 at night on September 19 Peruzi called the Air Force officer on duty. He informed the authorities. General Nadir Yousefi went to the balcony and also saw a UFO, which by that time began to emit a bright white light.
UFO over Tehran. An eyewitness sketch
Further events were described in a report sent by the military attaché of the US Embassy, ​​Lieutenant Colonel Olin Moe to the White House and other departments:
"At 01.30 on September 19, the F-4 was fired into the air ... As the object radiated a bright light, it was clearly visible from a distance of 70 miles." When the fighter approached a distance of 25 miles, all the instruments and communications systems went out of order. Then the pilot stopped the interception and turned back in. When F-4 turned away from the object and obviously did not pose a threat to it, the devices and communication systems again earned. "
10 minutes later, when the UFO again changed the character of the glow, the military decided to take a second attempt at interception. Squadron commander Lieutenant Pervez Jafari sat down at the helm of the fighter.
Iranian newspapers in Farsi and English reported UFOs on the front pages.
"The size of the object was difficult to determine because of its intense glow," says Moe's report, "the light was emitted by flashing pulses of a rectangular shape with alternating blue, green, red and orange colors ... The signals alternated so quickly that all the colors could be seen simultaneously The object and F-4, pursuing it, flew to the south, when another brightly lit object separated from the object ...
He headed for the F-4, moving with great speed. The pilot tried to launch a missile on it, but at that moment the fire control panel and communications system went out of order ... Then the pilot executed the turn and entered the peak to evade. After the turn, the object began to pursue him at a distance of 3-4 miles. While the fighter continued to move away from the first object, the second object crossed the trajectory of the turn and then returned to the first object, reconnecting to it. "
In 2007, Jafari, already a retired general, confirmed:
"I approached the object that flashed with bright lights-red, green, orange, and blue-they were so bright that I could not see his body." The flashes followed one another very often, like in a disco. "We spotted him with a radar-he was 25 miles away.The size of the label on the screen was comparable to the mark from the Boeing 707 tanker.For observation, four smaller UFOs of different shapes were separated from the main object.
When they were not far away, the weapon went out of order, and radio communication was hammered.One of them flew in my direction. I thought it was a rocket. I wanted to release a heat-guided missile to meet him, but the launch control panel went out of order. Another UFO pursued me when I returned.Another one landed in an open area, emitting such a bright light that it could be seen all the terrain. "
The report of Olin Mau confirms that the small UFO has gently landed and very brightly illuminated an area of ​​about 2-3 kilometers radius. All this was seen not only by military pilots, but also civil aviation pilots who were in the airspace over Tehran.
The Iranian government appealed for help not only to the US, but also to the Soviet Union. In a telegram addressed to the Chairman of the Council of Ministers Alexei Kosygin, there was a curious passage that was not reflected in the Mou report: two UFO-speaking gigantic creatures emerged from the UFO landing. Then they sat back in the ship and flew away.
3. Flying horror of Texas. USA, 1980
On December, 29th the mistress of a restaurant Betty Cash passed near small town Huffman. 51-year-old Betty was not alone: ​​in the car sat Vicky Landram, who worked as a waitress, and her 7-year-old grandson Colby.
Colby was the first to see a bright light above the treetops. Soon everyone realized that the object was flying straight at them. Betty added speed, but the UFO was faster. He hung over the road in front of the car, spewing flames from the bottom.
A hovering object in the shape of two vertex-connected cones or a large dome with a cone beneath it was more of a car. He occasionally "shot" down the fire sheaves with a hissing sound and rose higher, and when the fire did not erupt, it seemed to settle. The case was silvery, in the widest part on the circle there were small blue lights.
All three got out of the car to get a better look at the UFO, and felt a strong heat. Colby roared, begging to return to the car and hide from the object. Vicki gave in to her grandson's request and called for Betty. But she looked, not looking up and not paying attention to the burning skin.
Finally, the UFO flew up and away. Betty, waking up, went to the car and ... could not open it: the handle was too hot. I had to wrap my palm with my jacket.
At that moment, many helicopters appeared over the forest. They flew from all sides, as if trying to surround a UFO. Among them were heavy trucks and small single-screw vehicles. They were no less than 20. Most were spinning around a slowly flying UFO, others followed them with a clear system.
Betty drove Vicky and Colby up to their house and went to her room, feeling worse and worse. Her skin turned purple, as if from a severe sunburn, her neck swelled, blisters began to appear on her face, on her head and eyelids. Strong vomiting began. By the morning, Betty fell into an almost comatose state. Vicki and Colby survived the same, but in a more mild form: they were less outside the car.
January 3, 1981 Betty was in hospital. Burns and blisters changed her appearance so much that friends who came to visit the sick could not recognize her. Her hair began to fall out, her eyelids swelled so that she remained blind for a week. Vicky also lost 40% of her hair, and Colby had only one strand, which soon grew anew.
Since then, Betty has not got out of hospitals. In 1981, she was hospitalized five times, two of them in intensive care. She could not leave the house in the sunlight, the heat sources caused her great pain. She lived 18 years, periodically getting into resuscitation, and only the art of doctors prolonged her life. December 29, 1998, on the anniversary of "contact", Betty passed away.
Vicki also could not work after the fateful day. Scars, blisters and fallen hair are not combined with the profession of a waitress, but it was not the main thing: she began to get blind, changing three pairs of glasses. The operation helped to stop the process, but the vision that remained with her was not going anywhere. She died on September 12, 2007.
Colby, too, had problems with vision, but changed only one pair of glasses - he was least of all staring at a UFO.
The injured women decided to go to court. They sued the US authorities for $ 20 million. The trial lasted until 1986, when the suit was refused. Judge Ross Sterling stated: "No government agency has ever had an aircraft as described." And if the UFO was not American, the case is closed. The question of who the helicopters belonged to and why they were flying alongside the UFO was not raised at the trial.
4. "Close contact" with alfalfa. France, 1981
On the afternoon of January 8, a UFO landed near a country house two kilometers from the village of Trans-en-Provence. The investigation was carried out by a governmental organization - the Unrecognized Aerospace Exploration Group (GEPAN) under the National Space Center of France.
The only witness was the 55-year-old Renato Nicolai, interviewed by the police at the scene:
"My attention was attracted by a mild sound, like a whistle.I turned and saw the object.The apparatus looked like two stacked plates with bottoms outwards.It was about 1.5 meters high, leaden color.Then under it when it flew off I saw round ledges - probably landing gear or supports, and two circles, similar to the shape of the hatchways.
During the landing, he began to make another whistle, constant and monophonic. Then he got up and flew very quickly to the northeast. He picked up some dust when he broke away from the ground. I was about 30 meters away. Then he came up and saw a round trace with a diameter of about two meters. "
The whole observation lasted 30-40 seconds.
Forty days later, the track in the form of a ring with an internal diameter of 2.25 m and an outer one of 2.5 m was still visible. According to calculations, the UFO weighed from 4 to 5 tons, and the ground was heated to 300-600 ° C. Scientists came to the conclusion that the traces fully confirm the testimony of an eyewitness.
The National Institute of Agronomic Research found that plants underwent biochemical changes - the more, the closer they were to the center of the track. In leaves of alfalfa, at the same time, 30-50 percent of chlorophyll was destroyed. Biochemist Michel Bunias stated that alfalfa is artificially aged, and this phenomenon "does not look like anything known on our planet".
"This is the first case involving a UFO that can be recognized scientifically," confirms Professor Jean-Pierre Petit. "We need to take seriously the hypothesis that this is a space ship that can not be of earth origin."
5. A giant nut on Alaska. USA, 1986
On November 17, the cargo Boeing-747 of the Japanese airline JAL, flying Reykjavik-Tokyo, flew over Alaska.About 5 o'clock local time the pilot Kenya Terauchi noticed at a distance of 1.8 km "two columns of light." The pilot asked the dispatcher in Anchorage to check if there was another plane nearby. They answered from the ground that there was no one nearby.
Suddenly, the UFO came almost at close range. Terauchi saw "two black cylinders with rows of rotating amber lights," which did not cast shadows. Soon, a mark appeared on the radar screen of the plane, which flew alongside.Kenya asked permission from the dispatcher to make maneuvers to break away from his pursuers. The permission was given, because the UFOs saw on the screens of the radar of the dispatch center in Anchorage and the Air Force Base in Elmendorf. The plane dropped, made several turns, but the lights followed him.
A sketch of K. Terauchi. The inscriptions in Japanese: 1 - the size of an aircraft carrier; 2 - the silhouette of the UFO, which I saw thanks to the lights of Fairbanks; 3 - pale white lights; 4 - more in 1,5-2 times; 5 - our plane.
Then Terauchi noticed that there was some huge mass in the air. It was a UFO in the form of a walnut, "the size of two aircraft carriers." The co-pilot and flight engineer did not see a large UFO - it did not shine and was visible only against the background of city lights. Nevertheless, the crew was impressed by the speed of small objects and their ability to quickly change direction. When they disappeared from view, "board 1628" landed safely in Anchorage.
Representatives of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) interviewed the crew and said that all pilots behaved "professionally, rationally and were not under the influence of alcohol or drugs." When the story leaked to the press, the Air Force representatives acknowledged that their radar had spotted the object at the same time as the on-board radar on the Boeing. The FAA equipment registered that the UFO was near the Boeing 747 for 32 minutes.
1. Photos from McMinnville. USA, 1950
Two black-and-white photos taken by farmers Paul and Evelina Trent of McMinnville (Oregon), until recently were considered the most famous images of UFOs. Nobody doubted their authenticity.
Эвелина has told to journalists, that on May, 11th she has noticed something strange in the sky and has called the husband. Paul grabbed his Kodak, took a picture, rewound the tape and in about thirty seconds made the second.A month later, after finishing the film until the end, Paul gave it to the development. Photos turned out to be successful.
The newspaper "Telephone Register" first published Trent photographs
In June 1950, pictures of Trent's spouses were published in the magazine "Life" and have since become a classic of ufology. The commission, organized on the initiative of the Air Force, in 1968 came to the conclusion that this "... one of the few reports on UFOs in which all the investigated factors seem to correspond to the statement that an unusual flying object of silvery color, metallic, disk-shaped, with a diameter of 10 meters, appears to have been artificially flown in the field of view of two observers. "
Physicist Bruce Maccabi conducted another study of images from McMinnville using computer-assisted image analysis techniques. He stated that the object was not closer than 460 and not farther than 2400 meters from the lens. The brightness of the lower surface of the UFO showed that it was a luminous object, not a light reflecting light.
The first to notice was a mischievous ufologist Robert Schaeffer. He noticed that the shadows in the images correspond to the early morning, and Trent's spouses said that the photographs were taken in the evening.Meteorologists confirmed that the images were taken in the morning: clouds are visible, and in the evening the sky was clear. This lie made you look at other small details.
In both pictures, the "UFO" is in the same position with respect to the wires. The photographer was moving. The lens was low: the man with the camera was on his knees. UFOlog Joel Carpenter said: "This position suggests that the photographer was trying to capture a nearby object so that the sky could fit as much as possible into the frame, giving the impression that the subject is at a high altitude."
The imposition of pictures clearly shows that the "UFO" did not move.
Most likely, Trents hung a rear view mirror from the truck under the wires. It was the shine of the mirror that led the scientists to the wrong conclusion that the "UFO" was shining.
2. Aliens from the planet UMMO. Spain, 1965
"For the first time in history, our ship touched the surface of the Earth on March 28, 1950 at 4:17 3 seconds," the aliens reported.-Landing took place on the territory of the French department of the Lower Alps about eight kilometers from the village of La Javi ... We came to study the earth's culture from a solidified star - the planet UMMO.It revolves around a star known to earth astrophysicists as Wolf-424. "
The whole world, however, heard about its inhabitants only in 1965, when the Spanish mystic Fernando Cesma began to receive calls and letters from "representatives of the Umo general government." Receiving another letter, he announced: the ship with Umo should land in the vicinity of Madrid "between May 30 and June 2, 1967".
The UMMO case: one of the pictures taken in 1967
June 1, 1967, two people photographed the ship with a sign in the form of the Russian letter "F" in the vicinity of Madrid. The same "plate" allegedly landed in 4 km from the place of shooting. In the morning they found traces of poles, scorched earth and metal pipes. All of them were empty except for one. When it was opened, a rapidly evaporating liquid emerged from there. In it floated two plastic strips with the same badge as on a UFO!
The sensation expanded, fueled by a flood of letters from the "Ummites." Now they received not only Sesma, but also a number of scientists, journalists and businessmen.
In 1970, the famous UFOologist Claude Poire became interested in the "UMMO business". He collected most of the letters known at the time and analyzed them. About 50% of the information contained in the messages corresponded to reality, the second half was an obvious lie. Specialists came to the conclusion that the messages were written by people with thinking reflecting the Spanish culture.
Soon it was the turn of photos with the letter "F". Computer analysis showed that they are imprinted small models, suspended on threads.
Computer processing revealed a supporting thread or thread
The last point in this story was set when the Spanish psychologist Jose Peña confessed to deception. It was he who composed the legend about UMMO, a planet from which blond, friendly aliens arrived to see how this story will be perceived by society. The first letters and calls were the work of his hands.
To make the history of UFOs more weighty, Peña forged the evidence of their existence: photographs, "traces of landing," tubes and strips. He even poured a radioactive substance on the "landing site" to make everything look more believable. The authors of "UFO pictures", of course, were his friends.
Belief in the inhabitants of the UMPO soon got out of control and began to spread like a snowball. Other people, unknown to Penny, joined in with the mystification.
Scheme shooting "ship UMMO . "
In an interview with the Spanish magazine El Ojo Critico, Peña said: "The fraud with UMMO was aimed at a layer of semi-elite - lawyers, engineers, doctors, scientists." This was a social experiment to test people with education. of them became "victims" in quotation marks because they believed in deception, I do not regret that I started this, I regret telling the truth. "
3. Humanoid from Folkville. USA, 1973
In the evening of October 17, Jeff Greenhaw, the police chief in Folkville (Alabama), received a call from an agitated woman. She said that she saw a UFO landing with flashing lights. Jeff personally went to the scene, taking a camera. On the road stood a huge, shiny metal robot:
"I got out of the patrol car and said:" Hello, stranger! "He did not answer, I returned and took the camera."
One of the pictures taken by Greenhaw.
The robot was approaching Jeff. The first picture was taken from a distance of 15 meters, the second and third - from a distance of six meters, the fourth - at point blank, not more than three meters. He had no distinguishable features, only a pointed tip on his head. Head and neck looked like a single whole.
All movements of the newcomer were "very mechanical." The robot ran when Greenhaw turned on the blue "flasher" on the car. The officer started harassing, but the car could not drive on uneven road at a speed of more than 35 miles per hour. The robot rushed faster than his car! Eventually, the stranger turned into the field and disappeared from view.
After the "contact" Greenhaw began to pursue trouble. The wife left, the trailer with the belongings burned to the ground, then he was fired from the police ...
The press enthusiastically embraced his story, but ufologists did not hurry to take it at face value. It turned out that the "chief of police" is too loud a title: in a town with a population of 200 people, Greenhaw was the only policeman.At the time of observation he turned 26 years old.
Computer analysis of photographs showed that the figure does not move in the pictures, but the photographer moved. Judging by the individual details, it was a stuffed fire-fighting suit. All the inscriptions and details that could be issued a fake, Greenhaw closed the foil: the spots are clearly visible in the pictures. The length of the arms and legs, their dimensions correspond to the average person.
Fireproof suit used for mystification.
Jeff refused to name the "woman who called the police." Most likely, it was not at all. There were suspicions that he himself set fire to a trailer, which was well insured.
4. Documents "Majestic-12." USA, 1984.
"A secret operation was carried out on July 7, 1947 to retrieve the wreckage of the facility for scientific investigation.In the course of the operation, air reconnaissance revealed that four small humanlike creatures were apparently thrown out of the facility before it exploded.
They fell to the ground about two miles east of the point of fall of the ship itself. All four were dead and heavily decomposed due to predators and the environment for about a week before they were discovered. A special scientific group took out the bodies for study. "
These lines are contained in a photocopy of the documents sent on December 11, 1984 to producer Jamie Shander. If you believe the received papers, in 1947 near the city of Roswell, a UFO crashed with the aliens.President Harry Truman decided to create a group of outstanding scientists and high-ranking military men, code-named "Majestic 12", to understand the situation. A copy of the document signed by Truman, who initiated the activities of the group, was also attached.
Ufologists immediately suspected that the case was impure, but could only point out mistakes in writing dates, military ranks and non-standard paperwork. The last point in the protracted dispute was put by the expert on typewriters Peter Taytell. He took out the original negative sent by Shander, and checked the text prints with his database. It turned out that the document with the signature of Harry Truman was printed on a typewriter "Smith Corona" with a cartridge, which was released in 1963! The signature on the document was also grossly forged. The mystifier took it from the present letter of the president for 1947.
A letter with Truman's signature from Majestic-12.
Comparison of the present and genuine letters: 1. The font of the Smith-Crown typewriter. 2. The forged signature is 3.2% longer. 3. Unique ink flow from the letter of 1947. 4. Dethroning the letter "T" on top of the letter "s" in the original letter.
In the present letter of the president, the horizontal line of the letter "T" in the word "Truman" hardly touches the end of the word. The swindler had to erase this word with a bar-paste, and he slightly touched part of the letter "T".Truman's signature on the forgery turned out to be a little longer and darker than in the original, which is exactly how it turns out with repeated photocopying.
The FBI also conducted an investigation, suspecting that someone had spread genuine secret documents. The agents came to the conclusion that the mysterious papers are "one hundred percent fake".
5. UFO from the Bay of Breezes. USA, 1987.
The city of Gulf Breeze in Florida became famous in the late 1980s as the site of one of the most sophisticated UFOological deceptions.
Architect Ed Walters claimed that he repeatedly observed and photographed UFOs. November 11, 1987 he first saw a UFO, took a camera and took some photographs, then ran out into the street. He wanted to take a few more shots, but he was hit by a blue beam. Walters could not budge and felt that he had been raised. A voice in my head said: "We will not harm you." Then the light and UFOs disappeared. Walters immediately fell to the ground.
The pictures taken by Ed were printed in a local newspaper. Since then, he allegedly saw a UFO many times and made many photographs.
Walters said that he always learns in advance about the appearance of a UFO - a strange buzzing noise always occurs in his head. All because during the first contact in his brain the aliens implanted a certain device. Aliens (more precisely, their voices sounding in the head) called Ed "Zehasse" and assured that they flew specially behind him. Sometimes they appeared in a visible form - they showed themselves outside the window, approached the car.
January 1, 1988 teenager Tom Smith told his family that he saw a UFO and made a series of photographs. But a day later he admitted that these photos were part of the deception started by Walters.
One of the photographs of Ed Walters
UFOlogists found out that Ed had handed Tom Smith photos to bring them to the newspaper's editorial office and handed them over for his own. Smith said he saw two models of UFOs in Walters' house and he was shooting one of them in his presence. His wife, son, daughter and another teenager named Hank Boland participated in the fraud.
All this did not prevent Walters from receiving a huge advance for the book about his meetings and contacts - $ 200,000. The total amount of the fee was 450 thousand dollars. The wealthy architect moved to more luxurious housing, and the former house was sold to people who are not afraid of aliens.
The new owner, Robert Menzer, once climbed to the attic to fix the pipe. In a secluded spot, he saw the "plate" model that Walters used to fake the images. Ed said that the model was planted by the enemies, but immediately sat down in a puddle: it was glued from old drawings inscribed with his hand!

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