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Evidence of UFO sightings in antiquity

Many mysterious phenomena that modern scientists can not explain have come to us from a very ancient time.

So, Livy in his famous book "The History of Rome" mentioned a "sparkling shield", which thousands of people saw flying in the sky over Arpia. Pliny in "Natural History" also mentioned "fire shields" that crossed the firmament in 85 BC. e. Aristotle called these shields flying discs.

During the reign of Alexander the Great, unidentified aircraft also appeared in the sky. One chronicler mentioned a certain flying object, which appeared high in the sky during the crossing of Alexander across the Tigris and Euphrates rivers.
But, unlike modern people, the ancient Egyptians were not at all surprised by these unusual phenomena, as they fit into their religious system. For example, the celestial object that appeared above Alexander's head meant, in their opinion, the blessing of the gods, who were following the successes of the great king from above.
Similar beliefs existed among the ancient Greeks. They were convinced that Helios, the sun-god, was riding around in a chariot of fire. Therefore, for his vacation the Greeks built in Heliopolis a huge platform of stone blocks.
These beliefs have survived in some nations in our time. For example, the Eskimos still believe that their tribes were transferred to the north by gods with iron wings - huge metal birds.
Scientists compared the annals of the Babylonians, Egyptians, Sumerians and Assyrians. In these records the same images met: fire ships descending to earth from heaven, iron birds, whose wings thundered like fire, shining shields, fire pillars.
Consequently, with the development of writing, the ancient people began to record the strange phenomena they witnessed. Therefore, it is no coincidence that the Mesopotamian name of Egypt "Magan" is translated as "the land of shields", and many ancient texts described Sinai, the region belonging to Egypt, as a place "from where the great ascends to heaven."
Scientists Egyptologists, studying ornaments of Ancient Egypt, which decorated the palaces and temples, drew attention to the very frequent image of the disk with two large wings. On the walls of the palaces in Edda are also preserved images of the winged sun.

In ancient Egypt there were many symbolic signs, and one of the most common is the sign in the form of a small circle with dashes on one side. In our time, the space satellite is schematically represented.
Images of a circle (disk) with three rays

1- from the rock paintings, Dagestan; 
2- marks on the stone of the wall of Derbent fortress; 
3- Azerbaijan, the Middle Ages; 
4- Sweden, bronze; 
5.6- Ancient Egypt; 
7- Central Europe, the Neolithic; 
8 - Italy, Neolithic; 
9- Northern Black Sea Coast, 3 thousand to х. e. (ancient culture); 
10 - France, the Paleolithic.

With numerous attempts to unravel the meaning of this symbol, scientists expressed different opinions. Some were inclined to the fact that the sign was associated with religious beliefs, others suggested that such a symbol in ancient Egyptians were designated real UFOs.

The most ancient record found on the papyrus, which is dedicated to UFOs, is stored in Rome, in the Vatican Museum, in the department of Ancient Egypt. Translated it like this: "... and appeared in the sky a circle of fire. He did not have a head, but from his mouth a terrible stench broke out. His body was huge ... He was speechless. "
This record, made by the chronicler, composed at the court of Thutmose III - the pharaoh of the XVIII dynasty, who ruled from 1504 to 1450 BC. e. According to the testimony of an unknown author, soon the whole sky was covered with fiery discs and if not for the bravery and courage of the pharaoh, then the numerous army would have turned to flight. He managed to calm down his warriors, panic-stricken. According to the chronicler, people remained in place, watching with horror the fiery circles that flew away in an instant to the south.
If you turn to the ancient Egyptian written religious sources, you can often find descriptions of "winged shields" and "fire disks," which, according to the Egyptians, belonged to the gods Ra and Gora, helping them in their daily affairs and during the great battles.
In another papyrus, the scene of visiting one of the pharaohs by the god Ra is on the day of the great feast.According to the legend, God appeared in the palace of the ruler in the "sparkling heavenly chariot" and after some time on it went to the sky, disappearing beyond the horizon.
The Egyptians called the sun god "Great, sitting on a throne of iron and fire." According to the legend of his birth, Ra appeared from the huge brilliant egg left on the mountain by the sparkling fire bird "Great Gogotun".
In the famous Egyptian Pyramid Texts (III millennium BC), iron plates in the sky, iron thrones, iron scepters, sparkling with fire, and even iron clothes intended for the pharaoh are very often mentioned. And this seems very strange to modern scientists, since iron in Ancient Egypt was practically not mined and was considered a very rare metal.
In the same document, we find other equally interesting lines: "The king is a flame flying ahead of the wind to the outskirts of the sky and to the outskirts of the earth ... The king travels through the air and crosses the earth ... He knows the way that one can climb into the sky".
Egyptian scientists made an interesting find in the tomb of Abydos (V millennium BC). On the wall among the many hieroglyphs, a sign resembling a modern helicopter was very often met. This symbol was found by chance. From the facing tiles, covered with ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs, a large piece fell off, which exposed the older layer of masonry, on which images of "helicopters" were cut.

Another strange Egyptian drawing, similar to a disk dropping an air bomb

At the same time, in another burial, the researchers discovered a papyrus (XV century BC), on which the following inscription was made: "A circle of fire swept across the sky, noiseless and huge. A few days later, he became more like that, there were countless of them, and with their radiance they eclipsed the light of the sun. "
In 400 AD, the Egyptian Panodorus made the following entry: "From the time of the creation of Adam and up to Enoch, people did not know the number of days in either the month or the year. But one day the Egregory ("angels", "caretakers") descended from the heavens on iron disks, which explained to people that the orbits of the two stars, marked by twelve signs, are divided into 360 parts. "
What is this, if not a proof that the ancient Egyptians were repeatedly visited by representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations. Who knows, perhaps, many of the knowledge that amazes modern scholars, the ancients were indebted to visitors from outer space?

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