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Abduction of people by aliens: fiction or reality?

Abductions of people by aliens (ufologists denote this term abduction ) - a phenomenon that continues to frighten and attract the attention of scientists, enthusiasts and even high-ranking officials and US congressmen.

The most important question is: did aliens actually abduct people around the world? The most likely answer is yes, the abductees are telling the truth, because they believe in what they tell.

Although the veracity of their words can not be checked, most people who made such statements had a real psychological trauma. This indicates that even if they were not abducted by aliens, they did indeed experience some inexplicable experience, and their words are not simply the product of an inflamed imagination.
Scientifically to refute statements about abduction by aliens is as difficult as proving it. But some scientists have tried to find a logical explanation for this phenomenon. In the article "Not Just a False Memoir" of the journal Psychology Inquiry, the authors put forward the hypothesis that the recollection of abduction by aliens is a product of masochistic thinking and a conscious or subconscious desire of a person to escape from himself.
But there are researchers who believe that such stories are a real experience. One of them is John E. Mack, professor of psychology at Harvard Medical School. He believed that most such people were indeed abducted by aliens and subjected to traumatic and cruel experiments.
His work attracted the attention of hundreds of people who believe that they were abducted by aliens. They saw in him a man who can be understood without fear of ridicule.
Professor Mack, who died in 2004, was the owner of the Pulitzer Prize for the article "The Prince of Our Disorders" about Lawrence of Arabia.
History of abductions

The first case, which gained fame, about the American couple Betty and Barney Hill. They claimed that the aliens had kidnapped them on a rural road in New Hampshire in 1961. They had no immediate memories after the kidnapping, but Betty began to suffer vivid and very realistic nightmares about how she was on an alien ship along with her husband and undergoes inspection.

The artist painted the memories of Betty Hill, which she described under hypnosis. She remembered how an alien creature showed her a star map and a system of planets, from where they flew, located at the Zeta Grids. Zeta Grids are a double star in the constellation Grids. At that time, it was not yet open.

Benjamin Simon, a psychiatrist from Boston, conducted a series of hypnosis sessions with spouses, during which they described in more detail the encounter with aliens, including the abduction, examination and conversation of Betty with one of the aliens.
Simon concluded that they did not lie, but these memories arose, because Betty's subconscious mind filled a brief period of amnesia with a meeting with aliens. And Barney subconsciously took over Betty's memories and told about them during a separate hypnosis session.
Another well-known case occurred with Travis Walton. In 1993, the sci-fi feature film "Fire in the Sky", based on the book "Fire in the sky: the experience of Walton" was filmed.
The alleged abduction took place on November 5, 1975, when Walton and six other loggers worked in the forest in Arizona. When they finished work, the forest lit up with light, and a flying saucer appeared. Travis curiously approached the aircraft and was hit by an energy beam. The rest of the men fled in panic, fearing that the same thing will happen to them.
Walton was absent for five days. He remembered that three small humanoids with very large brown eyes surrounded him. He subsequently said that they did not kidnap him intentionally. Their ship tried to fly through the forest, and Travis was injured by an energy beam from the engine of the ship. The aliens decided to take care of it.However, this experience was very traumatic.
To prove that he did not invent this story, Travis passed a lie detector test. As the lie detectors improved, he continued to repeat these tests for decades. He passed all the tests.
Physical evidence?
If abduction by aliens does occur, then there must be physical evidence. In reality, many kidnapped had scars, marks and even strange implants in the body.
Some people did not remember anything about the kidnapping, but found a bump on the body. On the X-ray, an object was placed under the skin that was removed. One of these cases occurred with 37-year-old Lucia Davidson, whose body was removed in 1997 from an object resembling a crystal, reports MUFON (Mutual UFO Network, UFO organization ).
Other cases are Pat Parrinellio (47 years old) and Mary Jones (pseudonym, 52 years old). They removed metal objects from the body, which were inside the left hand and in the big toe. Derel Sims, the head of the Houston UFO Society, sent the extracted items to the National Institute of Scientific Discoveries (NIDS) for analysis. They were studied using laser spectroscopy and a scanning electron microscope, and metallurgical analysis was performed.

In the extracted objects there were no signs of any technological devices or chips. But around the tissues where the objects were placed, there was no inflammation, which usually occurs when a foreign object is placed in the body.In addition, in all cases, implants are apparently connected to nerves or surrounded by a neural tissue.
Why do aliens kidnap people?
If we assume that aliens do indeed kidnap people, the next question arises: why are they doing this? To get an answer to it is very difficult, because we can not just find aliens and ask them.
One of the possible explanations is simple curiosity. You can draw such a parallel. Modern scientists often conduct experiments with wild animals. They ring them or attach devices to observe the behavior of animals in their natural environment and monitor them during migration.
In other hypotheses there are not so harmless motives, for example, obtaining human genes, sexual intercourse for the production of hybrid progeny, cloning, etc. These theories take us to a more esoteric sphere, and hypothetical answers give rise to new questions.

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