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"How the aliens did the operation for me"

This curious story was recently published at the American Forum Project Avalon , where users discuss abnormal phenomena, conspiracy theories, aliens, secret governments, and so on.

"It happened when I went back with my child to my house in the UK I put my son in the crib so he slept, and she took up various household tasks when she suddenly felt a severe pain in her stomach. The pain was so strong that I decided that I was dying and I began to think what would happen to my little son, if I now die.

Suddenly, after a few minutes, the pain disappeared as quickly as it began, but I still decided to contact my attending physician and make an appointment. After the appointment, the doctor sent me to the endoscopy procedure, this is when you insert a long tube with the camera inside your body and see what's inside you.
The procedure was to be held in a week, but at night I experienced the most unusual experience in my life, which I will never forget. I woke up suddenly in the middle of the night from the sensation of the presence of strangers in my bedroom. So it was, on my bed there were three strange alien creatures, a bit like children, and I was not afraid at the sight of them.

I got up and took the hands of two aliens, one on each side (the third one was also standing nearby), my bedroom was spinning and I saw instead of the wall a round "portal" through which all four of us passed through the door.

We ended up in a large room, which was all cluttered with screens of "computers" and with a large screen on the wall. For the "computers" were small aliens and all this was very reminiscent of the scene from the central control of the flights of NASA.
The whole room was white and everything in it was also white, and on the computer screens and on the big screen there was an image of a man - a very popular celebrity (the name is not specified or the author does not remember it ). And I realized that they are now busy studying this celebrity. And then I looked at those low-lying creatures that I came with, and realized that they also studied me and knew everything about me from the time of my birth.
Then I had a dip in my memory and the next thing I remember was that I was lying on the bed, apparently in the medical room, and there was a creature resembling those small deto-like creatures, but it was tall and seemed adult. I found out that this is a woman, we started communicating with telepathy and then she started to do something to me and I cried out in pain.

The creature in response stopped its manipulation and strictly began to talk to me. It told me that my pain is not real, that in fact I do not feel anything and that I need to lie still. I did as it told me and it continued its work and suddenly pulled out of my stomach something that looked like two worms.
The sight of this shocked me and caused a strong sense of disgust. The creature said that there was one more left in my stomach, but for some reason it did not pull it out and left it inside.
The last scene that I remember that night was when I was sitting at a table with three little aliens. We drank coffee, and other aliens walked by us on their own business. I felt that it was funny, they drank coffee like ordinary people.And none of those passing by did not even look back at me, as if they were accustomed to seeing people here, although I did not see any of the people at that time. I decided that people often came here.
That's all I remember from that night. A week later I went to the endoscopy procedure and the doctors found nothing dangerous in my stomach, except for a small inflammation. I feel that these creatures at night have cured me of my illness, although I am not 100% sure.
And further. Despite the fact that I remember the only case of this kind in my life, I have a strong feeling that this has happened to me before and repeatedly. I do not know why I was left with my memory in this case, maybe it was due to the fact that it was supposed to help the recovery.
And I would very much like to know what kind of worm-like creatures sat in my stomach. In appearance, they reminded me of the creature from the movie "The Matrix" ( which was shoved into Neo's stomach ). "

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