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Kidnapping Mary from Florida

A Florida woman named Mary (her last name is not disclosed) recently told how she was abducted by aliens in 1991. Her story was published on January 8 on the site with paranormal podcasts Ground Zero with Clyde Lewis.

"It happened early in the morning at 4:44 on November 11, 1991, when I was sleeping in my trailer in the suburbs, suddenly everything inside was shrouded in bright light, and I got up from bed and like an idiot opened the door, the next thing I remember, there was a bright blue neon ray, picked up by me and carried to their ship.
I remember what this ship looked like, it was silvery and there were a lot of rivets on it. There was also some inscription, like hieroglyphics. When I was inside, I saw an alien, it was a typical "gray" of small stature and there I saw about 10 around me.
I tried to look around and saw that the surfaces inside the ship were made of metal, and I also remember that there were other wheelchairs where the immovable bodies lay

Then something happened and I was very frightened, and when one of the "gray" came up to me, I attacked him and began to pound him with his hands and kick. But then they brought someone whom I would call a "leader." He was tall, but he looked like them in a white coat. And he spoke telepathically, addressing to other "gray" and not opening his mouth - "Do not worry, I know her, she likes to fight."

He looked at me warmly and was so sweet, like my grandfather. But then he immediately immobilized me and I was on a gurney. The only thing I remember from what was later done to me is a huge long needle with a wire that was attached to my neck. And then I suddenly woke up at my house.

Shortly after that night, I realized that I was pregnant and when I went through the echogram in the hospital, the doctors told me that the child had an anomaly. In the pictures it looked as if his wings were growing from the back and the doctors were very surprised. The child did not survive, there was a miscarriage (about whether he had an anomaly, not indicated).
After that night, I had another strange thing. I always notice on the clock the numbers 444 and at night I often wake up at this time. I also had problems with passing through the gate, they begin to ring. Street lights can go out if I walk alongside, and the hair dryer or microwave break.
All this costs me nerves and money, but the worst is the constant feeling that I can not drive these "gray" away from myself so that they leave me alone. And especially, when I remember that I saw the immobile bodies of people on the wheelchairs, they were all men.
I asked that my name not be divulged, because it was only I who saw it. My partner has been with me all the time, but he did not tell anyone, he went through Vietnam and will not blabber anything superfluous. And I did not tell anyone else, except my partner and his mother.
I just do not want people to start telling me "You're crazy" and the like. But all this really was that tall guy in the dressing gown, he said he knew me, he had seen me before and said that I had resisted before. And then he immobilized me and everything. "

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