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UFO caused the death of a resident of China

This event took place in 2011 in China, but it is known to the ufologists just now.

Someone Wen, a resident of Heilongjiang Province, saw a small disc-like UFO with lights on the rim during a walk in the forest one evening. The disk then fell close to the ground, then rose. The eye-witness was surprised first of all by the fact that the object freely passes through the trees, as if he were a phantom.

No sooner had Wen come to his senses than a UFO hovered directly over his head. The bottom was ribbed and gently rotated counterclockwise. Wen lifted into the air and began to wear under the bottom with the speed of rotation of the object. The UFO flew on. With him, smoothly circling, an eyewitness flew.
Wen told me that he was confused in his head. All items, including the "plate" and itself 
body, they saw him as somehow vague. He remembers that he was carried past the trees, but he hardly noticed them. Like the "plate", he freely passed through them.

Suddenly, the flare burst in the bottom, and the UFO abruptly took off, "uncoupling" a man from himself. Apparently, when the plate released it, the field that created a "phantom zone" around it also disconnected. Wen gained density.In his wrist, shoulders and hip were suddenly materialized branches with leaves of a tree, by which he at that moment flew.
Wen cried down from the sharp pain. The height with which he fell was small - about 2.5-3 meters. By the time he was found, he had lost a lot of blood and was hardly alive. The doctors who operated Wen could not understand how the branches and, most surprisingly, the leaves could find themselves in his body. It is absolutely impossible to plant them there. In addition to branches and leaves, the buckle of his belt was halfway into Wen's body, and part of his shoe got stuck in the ankle by 0.5 cm.
After the incident, Wen lived just over two months. According to reports, some shifts of internal organs occurred in his body relative to each other, which, in the main, led to a fatal outcome.

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