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Meetings with brutish aliens

Earlier, we described two cases from Wisconsin, when eyewitnesses simultaneously saw UFOs and Yeti-likecreatures that could be aliens. Are there any other cases when UFO pilots turned out to be gray, Nordic or reptilian, not similar to most eyewitness testimonies, but creatures similar in appearance to animals? Yes, and there are many such cases.

Greensburg. Pennsylvania. October 25, 1973

About nine in the evening, 22-year-old farmer Steven Pulaski and 15 others watched a glowing red ball hanging over the field. The farmer decided to see what was going on there, and the two twin boys also jumped on the car seat. When they pulled up closer, they saw that the strange object was coming down.
They climbed the hill, and they saw a glowing white conical ship about 30 meters in diameter, treading like a lawn mower. He landed, or maybe hovered over the field. Then one of the twins saw someone walking along the fence.Pulaski, who was shortsighted and wore glasses, shot over the approaching figures. At first it seemed to him that it was bears, but then he realized that this was not so.

Two creatures were above the two-meter fence. One was about 2.5 meters tall, the other about two. Their bodies were covered with long grayish hair, and their arms drooped almost to the ground. Their eyes burned with yellow-green fire. The beings whined or howled, as if talking to each other. Witnesses smelled burnt rubber.

When Pulaski realized that strange animals were heading towards them, one of the boys rushed home, and the farmer shot three times at the one who was more. Apparently, he wounded the beast, as he howled and held out the paw of the second. At that moment the glowing ship in the field disappeared, and the place where it was located, now emitted white light. Creatures slowly turned and walked to the forest.
Pulaski's eyes got sick, he decided to report to the police. When the policeman arrived - at that time it was 9.45, he noticed a luminous circle in the field and heard loud howls in the forest. Then Pulaski screamed that someone was coming out of the forest and moving towards them, and they immediately jumped into the patrol car and drove away.
Later, at 2.00 at night, when the investigation team arrived, Pulaski, a healthy man more than 2 meters tall and 100 kilograms in weight, breathed heavily, groaned and waved his hands. After Pulaski calmed down a little, the group decided to leave this place, because everyone felt a distinct smell of sulfur or some other chemical.
The psychiatrist who later examined Pulaski noticed that the farmer never lied in his life, did not use alcohol or drugs, nor was he seen in antisocial behavior, and he could not be suspected of deceit.

Aveli, Essex (Great Britain). October 27, 1974

John and Sue Day and their children Kevin, Karen and Stewart were returning that evening from relatives. The younger children slept in the back seat, the elder, Kevin, listened to the radio. Their attention was attracted by a blue light, which at first slid through the car, and then flashed in front. Around 10.10 pm Day lost sight of him, as on the right side was dense vegetation. They were already approaching the house.
But suddenly they became alarmed. The speed fell for some reason, and the radio was busted. Then, shortly before the car's headlights went out, they saw green smoke in front. The car shook as she drove into the smoke, and after a few moments she passed him. Soon the family reached home, but it was already one in the morning, which indicated that three hours had fallen out of their memory.
Three years later, under hypnosis, John Day said that as soon as their car drove into the green fog, they all moved to a ship where they underwent a medical examination conducted by two 1,3 meter-tall creatures dressed in loose white clothes.

These devilish and slightly hunchbacked creatures had beast faces, huge triangular eyes and large upward ears.All visible parts of the body were covered with short wool. On their hands were four fingers with claws. At times, creatures chirped, talking.
Probably, these creatures submitted to others who were 2.2 meters tall, wore costumes with hoods hiding their hands. Although their mouth or ears were not visible, they looked almost like people, except for their pink eyes.Probably, they wanted to arrange a trip for guests on their three-tiered ship. During the survey, the couple were told about the device of the ship and showed a holographic movie about the space, which included a plot about the death of the alien home planet from an environmental disaster.
Then the family together with the car were returned to the road, about half a kilometer from the place where they were abducted. According to eyewitnesses, with the family in the next months there were serious psychological changes.

Caracas, Venezuela. November 28, 1954

At two o'clock in the morning Gustavo Gonzalez and Jose Ponche drove out on their truck from Caracas to Petare, which was twenty minutes away to buy food. Soon they noticed a glittering ball with a diameter of 2.5-3 meters, which almost blocked the road. It hung 2 meters above the ground.
Gonzalez stopped the car, and friends went out to check what was going on, and then a small hairy man approached them. Gonzales immediately grabbed him, intending to take him to the police. To his surprise, he was extraordinarily light-about 9 kilograms in weight. He had a tight body, covered with hard, prickly hair.
The dwarf hit Gonzales with a clawed paw, and he flew 5 meters. The assistant, Gonzales, came to his aid, scared to death and rushed to the nearest police station. He noticed that two more little men were emerging from the bushes. They carried either stones, or some sort of garbage, and all climbed into the hatch on the side of the ball.
Meanwhile, the first dwarf, with burning eyes and claws released, attacked Gonzales. Pulling out the knife, Gonzalez struck the stranger's shoulder, but the knife struck like a piece of iron. From the ship came another dwarf and released a ray of light from some small tube that instantly blinded Gonzales. Then both aliens climbed onto the ship, and he flew into the air.
Gonzales reached the police station shortly after Ponche. Policemen suspected that both were drunk, but the survey showed that this was not the case. Gonzales had a long wound in his side. Both had to be sedative. A few days later, a doctor found himself, who also saw the aliens, who seemed to be quarreling, but immediately retreated, because he did not want to interfere in anything.

State of New York. January 1958

This incident occurred on a winter night during a storm. It was 1.30 at night, one woman, who wished to remain anonymous, was driving along the New York road. Since the visibility was very bad, she drove carefully, trying not to miss the motorway exit. She went to visit her son, who served in the army.
Suddenly, on the avenue, she noticed something like a broken plane. But when she pulled up closer, she saw that it was a large ship with a 16-meter luminous rod, slowly crashing into the ground. The car's engine went out, the lights went out. The panicked woman tried to start the engine, but everything was wasted.
At first she decided to get out of the car and see what was going on, but changed her mind when she noticed two figures near the borer. These creatures looked like animals with four paws and a tail, except for two appendages in the neck region, similar to the tentacles. These creatures seemed to hang in the air, moving around a thin rod.
Suddenly, the creatures disappeared, and the ship soared into the air. Then the woman saw that it had the shape of a plate. The ship spun 3 meters above the ground and flew away. At that moment the lights turned on again, and the woman was able to start the engine.
Struck by what she saw, the woman drove up to the place where the plate was, and examined it, lighting the way with a lantern. On the snow she saw a clearing with a diameter of 30 centimeters, in which grass could be seen.She noted that the grass was warm to the touch.

Genoa. Italy. 6 December 1978

Almost at midnight, 26-year-old night watchman Fortunato Zanfretta saw four lights, similar to the light of torches, moving horizontally in the meter above the ground in the courtyard of the empty summer house. When he tried to report a possible hack into the office, the headlights of his car suddenly went out and the receiver turned off.
He went to the gate, holding a lantern in one hand, and in the other a gun. The lights first moved towards him, then disappeared behind the house. When Zanfretta turned the corner, he was knocked down. He turned to see the enemy, and his head touched the leg of a tall, 3-meter-tall, dark-green creature.
He saw two huge triangular yellow eyes burning in yellow light, the outer corners of which were pointing upwards.The head, according to him, was a width of 60 centimeters, on the sides there were some thorns, as well as sharp ears or horns. On the forehead of the creature, Zanfrett noticed strange folds, which could be the third eye. The entire body of the creature was dark gray, in a horizontal fold.
Then the creature disappeared, and Zanfretta ran to his car. There was a loud whistle, a warm wave, and Zanfretta saw a huge triangular ship starting from behind the house. The guard again tried to call for help, shouting at the transmitter: "These are not people!". He noticed that the clock showed 0.16, although it seemed to him that not much time had passed. Then he fainted next to the car.
An hour later, colleagues found Zanfretta in a field away from the car. Later they found an imprint on the ground in the form of a horseshoe 6 meters wide.
Two weeks later, exhausted by constant headaches, Zanfrett was put into a hypnosis state. He remembered that he was dragged into a round, heat-shrouded room, where these strange monsters put something on his head that caused unbearable pain.

Ashburnham, Massachusetts. 25 January 1967

Betty Andreasson was busy in the kitchen, and her parents and seven children were in the living room. It was 6.35 pm when it all started. First, electricity began to turn off for short periods of time. Betty noticed a pulsating orange light in the window and went out into the living room to calm the children.
Then she went back to the window with her father, and they saw five strange creatures creeping towards the house in the manner of locusts. When these creatures passed through the wooden door, all but Betty lost consciousness.
What happened later, Betty managed to remember under hypnosis only a few years later. The alien commander, who was superior to the rest, communicated with Betty through telepathy. His name was Kvazga. All the creatures were about 1.5 meters tall, wore blue overalls, they had pear-shaped heads and rotating cat eyes. On their sleeves was the emblem in the form of a bird.
When Betty expressed her concern about the state of her family, the creatures woke up one of her 11-year-old daughter and started playing with her in luminous balls. Betty gave the Quazga a Bible, and he handed her a blue book. Then Betty was boarded a large flying saucer, standing in the backyard.
The ship climbed into the air and docked with a more powerful apparatus, where Betty was offered to explore a variety of instruments, including one, which she called a cleaning device. Then a medical examination followed, during which the creatures stuffed a device resembling a needle into her nostrils, and then to the navel to get an idea of ​​the reproductive function.
Then Betty again put on her clothes, and she was seated in a fenced glass chair, where she sat for a while, immersed in some kind of liquid. Then she was given a sweet drink, and two creatures in shiny silver suits with black hoods led her through a dark tunnel, as if carved out of stone.
They went through the mirror door and found themselves in a room with red, swirling smoke. The black tunnel, which they passed, passed between two square buildings with holes similar to windows.
Then Betty was frightened, as she saw other creatures crawling along the buildings. They climbed up and down, climbed and climbed out of the windows like monkeys. According to her, they looked like lemurs, but their hands and feet were covered with skin, not with wool. The creatures did not have a head, but rods protruded from the trunk, like periscopes, on which were the eyes. These eyes moved independently of each other and watched Betty and her companions.
Soon they entered a green kingdom full of plants and water. Then Betty saw a giant bird that turned to ash like a phoenix. Betty returned home at 10.44 pm. She described her journey as angelic. Later it turned out that this was not the only one she met with aliens.

Cookswill, Maryland. 1973 or 1974

One evening on Friday after studying law at the University of Baltimore, student Michael Shea went to Olney, where at 7 pm he was supposed to meet with a friend. It was 24 kilometers from Baltimore, when, looking to the left, I saw a ray of light hit the barn, which was 50 meters away from it.
A huge object hovered in the air, alternately red and yellow lights alternated on it. This Shea has not even seen in Vietnam. The windows of his car were open, but Shea did not hear any noise.
When the ray of light went out, Shea became worried. He felt something coming from behind. Suddenly he noticed the ship above him and felt an electric discharge run down his spine. The next thing Shea remembered was that he got to One and felt very at peace. He went to the bar, but did not find his friend there. The barman said that his friend was here - at 7 o'clock. Shea glanced at his watch. It was nine in the evening.
Ten years later, Washington lawyer Shea decided with hypnosis to find out what happened that evening, and thereby remove the oppressive mood and fear associated with that incident. Specialist in abductions by aliens Budd Buddhins introduced Shea into a state of hypnosis. He remembered that he was very scared and tried not to look at the ship. He continued to drive and there were four people at the road. But it was not people.
The creatures were dressed in black, something like plastic outfits. Their faces were also dark. It seemed that they were wearing helmets, separated by a vertical line in half.
They looked like locusts. They had long arms and crooked legs like a monkey's. Three were big enough, the fourth was small, and on it was a black silk suit with a lightning in front. Shea, this subject seemed much older than the others.
The witness said that as soon as he got out of the car, a strange light struck him from above. The ship was nearby, and he heard a low rumble. In fact, there were two ships: one smaller, - on the ground, and another, more - in the air. Shea was then taken to one of the ships, laid on the table and examined. He had various tests taken.

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