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Scientists found out why the aliens do not seek to return to Earth

People always inexplicably pulled to all paranormal and otherworldly. And some are so addicted to this that they devote almost all their lives to the search for evidence of paranormal phenomena and UFOs. But not all are good at it. 

But what if it is difficult to prove the existence of aliens because they do not seek to be on Earth? What if they are in danger and not in the face of humanity? 
Everyone knows that ancient people perceived paranormal phenomena as a matter of course. And there is much evidence and evidence that aliens not only visited our ancestors, but also lived side by side with them. This is said by statues of nature unknown to nature, which apparently were sculpted not from fantasy, but from humanoids, which ancient people saw.

For example, there are statuettes Nuku-Khiva or captured in clay and granite reptiloid Ubeyd. These works of art of antiquity are already over 7 thousand years old. This may well serve as proof that the aliens used to be less indifferent to our planet and to humanity as a whole. But why then do not we see what our ancestors saw now?

The scientists decided to find out the cause of the disappearance of humanoids from our planet. And experts came to a disappointing conclusion. The hypothesis is that the aliens could not adapt to life on earth and died, thus forever leaving our planet. And the reason for this was viruses and bacteria, which are not fatal to humans, but were disastrous for the inhabitants of distant planets in space. 

Because there were not so many aliens on Earth at that time, at least not enough to form a full-fledged colony on our planet, they could not survive the transformation. Perhaps if there were more of them, then in a couple of generations they would be able to adapt. But despite the fact that all the aliens who lived on our planet in ancient times did not become, they left a tangible mark in the history and culture of mankind simply by their existence. Perhaps even they shared knowledge with ancient people. Thanks to this, we can see buildings that could not be created without special equipment. 
UFOlogists believe that precisely because the conditions on Earth are not suitable for the life of aliens, they do not seek to return to the blue planet.

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