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When the robots come out of the UFO

Livingstone, Scotland. November 9, 1979

On that morning, the forester Bob Taylor parked his pickup truck in the woods and went with the dog to inspect some trees in a clearing near the new highway. He got to the clearing at 10.30 in the morning and saw a gray ball hanging over the ground with several dark portholes along an annular rim.

aylor noticed that as soon as he tried to look at the details, the object seemed to blur, not allowing it to focus.
Then to the Taylor from the ship quickly rolled two balls the size of a ball, issued at the time of sound, like sucking.These things, according to Taylor, were like sea mines, they had six "feet". A few moments later, the mines were already near Taylor. The forester felt a pungent unpleasant smell, from which he immediately fainted.

After about 20 minutes, Taylor woke up when he heard the barking of his dog. He lay on wet ground, his chin burned and his left hip itched. The object, along with the mines, disappeared. Taylor felt tired, sick, his throat burned. He struggled to get to his pickup truck, tried to call for help on the radio, but nothing happened.
Then he tried to get out by car, but his coordination failed, and he quickly got stuck in the mud. Finally he reached his house, exhausted, with torn trousers, where his wife met him.
The police regarded this case as an attack and began an investigation. They found ruts on the indicated spot, dents from a heavy object and holes that Taylor's balls with spikes had left behind.

One skeptical fellow assumed that Taylor had met with ball lightning. But the friends of the forester knew him as an honest man and could not come up with a rational explanation for this case.

The state of Minnesota. October 23, 1965

About 7.40 pm Jerry Townsend, radio host, was six kilometers from the prairie Long. He drove into the twilight zone.Suddenly, the engine stalled, the lights and the radio turned off. Ahead he saw an object like a rocket, landing in the middle of the road on three supports. The height of the rocket was 10-12 meters, width - about 3 meters.
Townsend left the car and noticed three small robots, a form resembling beer cans, heading towards him from the rocket. The robots were only 12 centimeters high and swayed from side to side on two pillars.
When they stopped, a third support emerged, which seemed to serve them to maintain balance. Although these robots had no faces, Townsend decided that they were watching him.
It seemed like an eternity. Finally, the miniature robots returned to their ship. The rocket soared into the air, according to Townsend, as if someone had lifted the lantern sharply from the table. Then Townsend went to the sheriff's office and told him about the incident.
The sheriff saw that the witness was seriously alarmed, he was not drunk and enjoyed a good reputation. The study revealed three parallel jets of some oily liquid a meter long, separated by 10 centimeters on the road. The police had never before seen such in this area, and it was difficult to identify them.
There were two hunters who gave testimony, partly coinciding with the testimony of Townsend. They told that they saw a bright object, rising into the air in the same place at the same time.

The state of Kentucky. 27 January 1977

Heading home in a jeep, 19-year-old Li Parrish saw at 1.05 at night a rectangular brightly colored UFO hovering over the trees. The ship was 3 meters high and 12-13 meters wide. The young man thought that he no longer controls his car, the radio was silent.
Parrish remembered only that he was for some time directly under the UFO, and then he saw how he was moving away. Instead of coming home in 7 minutes, he appeared there only after 35. His eyes ached, his mother noted that they were bleeding.
The cause of these pains was found under hypnosis: this is because he looked at the UFO for a long time. When Parrish was under the UFO, the car soared into the air, and he himself, even without opening the doors, moved to a large round room.
There were three figures resembling robots in the room. The tallest was 6 meters tall, it was black and looked like a tombstone, it had a small "head". His "skin" in some places was rough, and in places - smooth. To his body was joined one arm bent in the joint without a brush.

The smallest creature was less than 2 meters tall, red and rectangular, like a coke oven. He also had one hand, although it was straight. Parrish felt that the creature was frightened, although it slowly approached him, touched his head and shoulders, causing a chilling pain. Later he called it a medical examination.
The third robot was white, about 2 meters tall, heavier than the rest. He had a triangular head and two arms that he did not use. This white, shiny creature made a single sound, as if someone were brushing their teeth. Parrishu thought it was their commander.
Then the three beings began to unite, or to enter one into the other. First, the smallest merged with the average, then the same did the average. The black creature began to back off, Parrish felt the heat. Suddenly, the black creature disappeared, and Parrish again found himself in a jeep. He had a feeling that once the aliens would come into contact with him again. The researchers were convinced that the witness is sincere.
Meetings with such a "rectangular team" occurred earlier, in particular, in the early September morning of 1968 in Brazil

France. September 10, 1954

At about 10.30 pm, witness Marius Devild, a metallurgist by profession, left his house in a small town on the Belgian border and saw a dark mass on the railroad tracks. When Devild heard footsteps, he turned on the light and saw two tall creatures, less than 3 meters tall, wearing very large helmets and heavy suits, sort of like for scuba diving.He did not notice the hand. The artist depicted one of the creatures similar to the character of "Star Wars" R2D2.
When Devild moved to these creatures, a green ray, paralyzing it, fired from the ship. The ship standing on the rails looked like a pancake and was 3 meters high and about 6 - long. By the time Devilde gained freedom of movement, the ship was already soaring into the air.
Four days later, three French air force specialists talked with Devilde and examined the landing site of the UFO.They did not find any traces of newcomers, including footprints, which was not surprising, given that the ground in that place was solid. But they found marks on wooden sleepers, where, according to an eyewitness, a heavy ship was landing.

In all there were five marks, all fresh and with sharp edges. Having consulted with the engineers, they found out that the sleepers were designed for a load of up to 30 tons. These tracks, according to the researchers, were abandoned by the landing gear.
That night something really strange happened. In the place where the object landed, the gravel was unusually brittle, as if it had been exposed to high temperatures. There were other eyewitnesses who claimed that around the same time they saw a red light in the sky. This case - one of the most famous in French ufology in 1954.

The state of Connecticut. December 16, 1957

The former teacher Mary Starr was awakened somewhere betwee
n two and three o'clock in the morning with a bright light. When she looked out the window, she saw a ship in the form of a cigar 8-10 meters long, hanging over the rope, on which she was drying clothes, no more than 3 meters from the house.
In the portholes Starr saw two inhabitants of the ship, who paced inside with their right hands raised in opposite directions. Judging by the size of the ship, the growth of these creatures should be somewhere around 3.5 meters.They had a square or rectangular head of reddish-orange color with a bright red ball inside.
Starr suggested that they were helmets. On the aliens were hoodies, flared down. On the raised right hand, she did not notice the brush. If the creatures had legs, Starr could not see them because of the hanging clothes.
Then a third creature appeared, the portholes dimmed, and the object itself became brighter. An antenna appeared from above, which swayed, sparkling, and then retreated. After several maneuvers, the ship, with small lights on the edge, strayed upwards and soared into the sky at a tremendous speed.

Rio de Janeiro. Brazil. September 15, 1977

Antonio la Rubio, a 33-year-old bus driver, at 2.20am on the way to work noticed an object in the form of a hat with a diameter of more than 30 meters above the football field. He was scared and was about to run away, but the blue light paralyzed him. At that moment three robots appeared before him.
They were about 3.1 meters tall, on their round, like a football, the head protruded an antenna longer than 30 centimeters. At the tip of the antenna there was some device, similar to a teaspoon, which quickly rotated. Across their heads was a hoop with mirrors, blue and dark.

Their squat bodies were covered with something like scaly skin or clothes that looked like dull aluminum. Their hands were like elephant trunks tapering to the ends. On the "belt" was a belt with instruments resembling syringes.The creatures stood on one "foot", rather, it was like a pedestal, culminating in a small round platform.
Three aliens flew around him, one of them sent a syringe to la Rubia, after which he found himself in the hall inside the ship. Through transparent walls la Rubia saw that they took off.
In a huge hall, where there were a piano-like apparatus and two dozen robots, La Rubia was examined. He was also shown several "slides". On one he was himself, dressed and naked. There were still slides with a horse and a cart on a dirty road, a busy street with buses, a dog that was trying to attack one of the robots.
To the horror of la Rubia, the dog suddenly turned blue and disappeared. On the other slide there was a "UFO factory" with a million robots inside. During the viewing, one of the robots took a blood test from a finger from the Rubia.
Suddenly, La Rubia thought that he was thrown overboard, as he suddenly found himself on the street, in front of the bus station of Paciencia. One of the robots stood next to him. La Rubia looked around, and when he turned back, the robot was gone. La Rubia looked up at the sky and saw a huge lead ball disappearing. It was 2.55 at night.
Over the next month, la Rubia suffered from nausea, diarrhea, fever, everything was burning and itchy, so he could not work.

USA. July 1951

The pilot Fred Riegen stated that during the flight his plane was shot down by a flickering diamond-shaped UFO.Fred did not have a parachute, but when he and his broken plane began to fall, he felt that some tenacious force was pulling him up into the UFO.
Inside the Rigen ship, surrounded by small, shiny creatures. Their growth was about a meter, and Rigen compared them with "huge stalks of metal asparagus". The creatures turned to him in English and apologized. Then they subjected him to a medical examination, found that he had cancer, and, at the expiation of his guilt, removed him.
Then the creatures landed Rigen, unconscious, but without a single bruise, on the field near the place where his plane crashed. It should be noted that, after flying several thousand meters, the engine crashed into the ground by 2 meters.
Less than a year later, in May 1952, Regan died in a psychiatric hospital in the state of Georgia. The cause of death, as reported, was "the destruction of the brain tissue due to the strongest radiation radiation."
The striking story of Fred Rigen was kept in the archives of the editor of the English magazine Flying Sotsers Review and was not published for more than a decade. If in the 1950s this story seemed incredible, by the late 1960s it was perceived more calmly, since many incidents with similar UFOs were already known.

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