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A conversation with a 3000-year-old stranger, who lives on Earth in the human body

This story was sent to the NUFORC website (National UFO Reporting Center) tracking UFO sightings and contacts with aliens in the US. Action period 1997 year.

"In the summer of 1997, I received a call from a woman from Chicago, our old friend who came from the Philippines and once nursed with our children." She talked about her meeting with an amazing elderly man named Eugene Randall .

The woman was very open and friendly, she liked the man very much and she invited Mr. Randall to a family feast.After that, Mr. Randall visited the house of this woman and her family more than once.
And then one day during the next visit, Mr. Randall told this woman that in fact he was not a man and came from another world. And his real name is Shimikus Etua (Shimikus Etua).

After that, I wanted to talk to this man and it turned out that it could be arranged. According to that woman, Mr. Shimikus Etoyu is ready to reveal himself to anyone who can accept him and believe him. A few days later I received a call from him and we had a serious and serious conversation.

1) My first impression of his voice was that it was a very very serious and respectable person, I would say as a professor. He was very calm and reserved as Spock from the "Star Trek". There was almost no feelings and emotions in his voice, there was no excitement or anything like that. He meticulously answered my questions without a hitch and without failures.
2) Shimikus said that he came from a planetary system that is not far from the star, which we call the Polar Star in the constellation of the Little Ursa. According to him, he arrived on Earth on one of the huge "mother" ships and was born directly on this ship during the journey.
3) He estimated his real age in 3 thousand terrestrial years.
4) When I asked if his civilization believed in a higher being (in God), he answered in the affirmative. Then he told that there was a time when his people did not behave very well, or rather very angry, and he destroyed other civilizations. However, long before the flight to Earth their local "priest" began to teach everyone to be kind and the people changed, leaving the path of destruction in the past.
5) Shimikus said that his civilization is very concerned about the path of self-destruction, which is now followed by humanity and that they wanted to help people develop spiritually and consciously. When I asked how their people looked at us - people, Shimikus was silent for a moment, and then he said "as a primitive tribes."
6) Shimikus said that his people exist on Earth in the bodies of people who are used as a mode of transportation, and these bodies were voluntarily transferred to them by these people themselves. Eugene Randall was one of these people, he learned about the aliens and offered them his help and his body.
Shimikus also mentioned that many years ago, when the USSR still existed, he used the services of a certain Russian person who gave him his body exactly as Eugene did later. Shimikus thanked this Russian for his self-sacrifice and courage.
7) I asked how many representatives of the people of Shimikus live on the Earth. He said that about 8 thousand.

Alien-like aliens from the fantastic film "Prometheus"

8) Race of Shimikus is especially concerned about our use of nuclear energy. According to him, this energy is very harmful to the cosmos and that people do not really understand the essence of this energy. Shimikus also worried the war in the East and chemical weapons.
9) Shimikus answered the question about Noah's Ark by the fact that one of their ships made an accident in the Arctic zone and this caused a mass melting of ice and a great flood.
10) Shimikus said that between the representatives of his people and the people of the earth can be not just friendship, but also sexual intercourse. Such cases took place and as a result babies-hybrids were born. According to Shimikus, that woman from the Philippines was such a hybrid (that's why he quickly and easily got along with her and her relatives).
11) I asked if there are other alien races on Earth. He replied that there are and that some of them have not yet solved the problem of violence and aggression in their race. While the people of Shimikus want to help people, other races kidnap people and conduct brutal experiments with them. According to Shimikus, their race is trying to drive these races from Earth.
12) Shimikus has a brother named Andronikus and once they both went in an elevator somewhere in Chicago and were at the same time in their original form. When a man entered the elevator, he was very frightened. Just how their original form looks, Shimikus did not tell, but judging by the children-hybrids, I think that they are partly similar to people. "

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