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The Anunnaki with Nibiru are the creators of humanity

A cognitive article about the Anunnaki, the origin of mankind, the planet Nibiru, Zakhary Sitchin and his books. By the way download Zachary Sitchin books about anunnaki can be under the article.
Today, casting aside Darwin's theory of evolution (the origin of monkeys) as "atavism" many bright minds seek our ancestors among the dead and erased from the face of the earth and from the history of civilizations of the past or in space. These are the Anunnaki, the Sumerians, the Hyperboreans and others. One can not recall the recent studies connected with the discovery of the " Particle of God " proving that to our existence we owe far to the apes, "our younger brothers".

Among this list, the first are the Anunnaki, aliens from Nibiru. Here by the way interview: Gold to Gods people got on this subject, she will tell a lot. I advise you to read, but this is so between the case on the Anunnaki and Nibiru.

Let's try in more detail to understand whether this is so or not ...
Sitchin's theory relies on the study of Sumerian, Babylonian scriptures and the mythology of the Middle East. Also, these are inscriptions on the plates of the Hittites, Sumerians, Akkadian, Babylonian, Canaanite and Egyptian. They all talk about the extraterrestrial beings of the Annunaki, who are the progenitors of the evolution of the human race. They, who were called gods, were actually beings from another world.
Zachary Sitchin
The historian, Zacharia Sitchin, translated thousands of clay tablets (stored in various museums around the world), and containing a history recorded by the Sumerians (the first known civilization in history).
He is the author of a series of books from 12 volumes "The Chronicle of the Earth ", in which he presents the result of his research: "The 12th Planet" was the first book of them. The translations and interpretations cited in it caused a violent reaction. According to his translation, in the Solar System there is a planet called Nibiru, which approaches the Earth every 3600 years, causing positive changes or catastrophes. (By the way, one can not help recalling the frequency of disastrous disasters in the history of the Earth, which occur every 3600 years.
For example, the biblical flood of the world was not an exception, and regardless of what this biblical story is, scientists are sure the flood was not fiction and had a place in the past of the planet. To date, the last global catastrophe was about 3,600 years ago).
Some of the Sumerian tablets claim that the alien race created people to use them as slaves in the mines of Africa (and in many other places on Earth). This race is called the Annunaki or Abbenaki, they actually arrived with Nibiru. According to the interpretation, "Sumerian" blackheads "were created by these creatures, which mixed the human and animal essence, thus obtaining a creature similar to a monkey.""Darkhead" people in the Sumerian hierarchy were considered slaves. Sumerian tablets say that the "darkhead" people created for the geographic region under the name 'AB.ZU' - Western Africa.
According to him, the royal power was a combination of "dragons" and people, and that they were direct descendants of the sun god Shamash. The Annunaki are the 23rd god of the Sumerian pantheon, including Enlil (god of air, winds) and Enki (the god of the earth). These solar gods in Babylonia were called "Sir" or Dragons. Also the word "Sir" appears to mean "the great serpent" associated with the word Sarpa in Sanskrit, which also describes the dragon gods, those who created the Dravidian civilization and dominated it. (There are many references, especially in the Indian epics about the lizard-like nuclear war, the evidence that exists to this day is the melted city ​​of Mohenjo and craters all over the planet ).
According to Sitchin, the race of Annuaki may still exist and still can influence humanity.
Based on the records that Zacharias Sitchin made from the Sumerian tablets and other sources, he put forward the assumption that the beginning of mankind was founded by the star aliens of Annunaki with Nibiru, ie, those who "descended to earth", and people took them for gods. In reality, these were alien beings with advanced technical and scientific knowledge.
Many things can be written about Nibiru and the Annunaki, but, unfortunately, everything does not fit in the article, so anyone interested in this topic and who are interested in all the details, I advise you to read Zachary Sitchin's book, so you will not regret it.

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