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Biographer Nikola Tesla claims that the scientist heard the conversation of aliens

"He said that it sounded as simple as people talking to each other, he made notes that he heard the conversation of sentient beings from another planet, they talked to each other." Although he did not know in what language they were speaking they said, he still felt that he understood them. "

Tim Schwartz , the famous biographer of Nikola Tesla , wrote in his new book that Tesla may have had some connections with the aliens. The book is semi-biographical and is called "The Lost Papers of Nikola Tesla: HAARP - Himtrails and Secrets of Alternatives 4" ("The Lost Papers of Nikola Tesla: HAARP - Chemtrails and Secrets of Alternative 4").

The name of the inventor and futurologist Nikola Tesla (1856-1943) is associated with a huge number of mysteries, mysticism and conspiracy theories. It is rumored that most of his records were seized by the US government and many inventions in the next decades are based on them.
According to Schwartz, while working on one of his inventions, Tesla once discovered radio signals coming from extraterrestrial communications. After this event, the inventor became obsessed with the idea of ​​creating a more powerful radio receiver.
"He wondered at the time that maybe he heard a greeting from one planet to another, as he put it, and from that moment on he had a kind of obsession to build an even better radio to try and see what he heard.
He claimed that he had actually accepted a voice transfer. He said that it sounded as if people were talking to each other. In his notes there are notes that he actually heard sentient beings from another planet and they talked to each other, although he did not know what language they spoke. But he still felt that he understood them. "
In those years, scientists only guessed that Mars was probably not suitable for intelligent life, and so Tesla thought at first that these signals may come from the Red Planet.

While most of the famous Tesla records and his personal notes are in the hands of the US government, Schwartz claims to have purchased a number of private records at an auction in 1976. And it was in them that he read about the fact that Tesla heard the conversation of aliens.
However, these records can not be seen personally. Schwartz claims that later everything disappeared without a trace after the visit of the mysterious "people in black."

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