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The Australian says that she can smell the smell of death coming from people who will soon die

24-year-old Australian Ari Kala (Ari Kala) once worked as a secretary, and now calls herself a counseling psychic and claims that she has the super ability to smell the smell of death from people who die in a day. According to her, this is a great gift, but, unfortunately, useless, since it can not help the doomed people.

As Storytrender writes, for the first time the girl discovered this gift in herself when she was 12 years old and she was visiting her sick uncle. It was then that she sensed from the man a heavy, cloyingly sweet, odor that had never come from her family before. Soon her uncle passed away.

The girl did not immediately accept her gift, she was afraid of being strange and unlike the others. She chose a regular profession and worked for several years as a secretary at a law firm in Sydney. But then she nevertheless decided and now gives advice on how to uncover her internal psychic powers.

She rarely tells anyone about her other gift, and never says anything to those people who smell the smell of death.

"When I came to my uncle, the day before his death, I felt this putrid-sweet smell that impregnated his whole house, at first I thought it was just a bad smell, but when I asked others, no one felt it. I realized that Death smells like this when I felt this smell next to the deadly sick or elderly people. "

 According to Ari, for her, this gift is felt more like a heavy burden, since she does not want to look at people and talk with them, just knowing that they will die tomorrow or tomorrow. However, she realized that she certainly should not say anything about a near death to these people, since "this is not her duty."
"My gift is to some extent useless, I can not help these people at the same time, and at the same time I do not want to tell them anything, they do not need to know that they have very little left.If I tell them something, it can be a real catastrophe, I should not interfere in their fate. "
According to Ari, each person has an undiscovered mental potential, which is suppressed from childhood by public demands and the "to be like everyone else". While Ari did not start to do what she wanted, she was in a very depressed state at her job as a secretary.

"All children from an early age are told to behave as they should, be calm, do something and not do that." As a child, I was able to read people's emotions well and dreamed about different things, but they did not like this behavior, they told me that all this only fantasy and this is unrealistic, and I had to adapt.
When I grew up, I chose the usual job and was there from 9 to 17 every day. Every day it depressed me and eventually drove into a severe depression. Then I dropped it and lost a few friends and even family members from the circle of friends, but I became myself. I still get a lot of negativity from different people, including on the Internet, but usually just joke with them. To be strange is not bad at all. "

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