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The battle with the tattered aliens.

I believe that aliens should be avoided and do not enter into any contacts with them. Such meetings can end tragically. Believe me, I was convinced of this on my own experience.

The story, which I will tell you, happened to me in April 2011. This month is my friend's birthday. At nine o'clock in the morning I took a gift and went to him. We meet with a friend infrequently, so we have plenty of communication.And my friend is very talkative, he usually talks more, but I listen, occasionally inserting comments. However, at that time, which we are talking about, something did not work out for us. Comrade works in shifts and on the eve of going out on a night shift. Our conversation was sluggish, with pauses.
About thirty minutes later he says to me:
"You know, I was not able to take a nap at night, there was a lot of work. You sit a little, watch TV or listen to a dividist, and I'll go and sleep with an hour, and then we'll talk.
He went to bed. After sitting for a minute, I decided to go home. Let the person normally get enough sleep. He got dressed, slammed the door to the apartment and left. But managed to take only one step from the door to the elevator, when something suddenly happened. I seemed to be turned off, I literally disappeared into oblivion.
How much I was in this state, I can not say. I think about half an hour. I woke up completely in another place. I was sitting on a bench in front of a nine-story building. His left cheek hurt heavily-blood was flowing from her, a red puddle was already forming on the asphalt. Two meters from me on the sidewalk stood two women and talked about something lively. Then one of them turned in my direction and said with surprise to another:

"Where did this man come from?" We are standing here for fifteen minutes, the bench has just been empty!

Then she looked at me and exclaimed with concern:
"Look at his face, it's all covered in blood!" It is necessary to call an ambulance.
This woman ran home after the towel. I folded the cushion from it and pressed it to the cut. The second woman called the ambulance. About five minutes later the ambulance stopped at the house. I was examined by two young women in white coats.
"Yes, it's bad," said one of the others. "We must take him urgently."
- Man, can you go into the car yourself? they asked me.
I climbed into the ambulance, and the car immediately started.
Along the way doctors began to ask me who I was, where I lived. I somehow decided not to answer. By radio, they also reported to the center: "The victim does not want to talk about anything." We drove for about four kilometers, and the car stopped at a traffic light. And suddenly a powerful voice sounded in my head: "Get out of the car!" The order was with such a strong energy that in the first instant I froze. The order was repeated.
"I live near here," I told the doctors. "Thank you for your help, but I'd rather go home."
While I was talking, I noticed that something is happening with women, or, more correctly, nothing happens. They did not turn to my voice, as if they had not heard me, just continued to look forward through the glass of the driver's cabin. Their faces, which I saw in the mirror, seemed frozen. Then I got up, opened the side door and got out of the car. Nobody called me, did not stop me. I went to the sidewalk and walked towards the house. In fact, I lied to the doctors: from that place to my house was about four kilometers.
Yes, only I passed only about fifteen meters and then switched off again. And everything repeated like the first time.When I woke up, I realized that I was twenty meters from the entrance of my house, slightly off to the side, under a tree. On me was turned inside out a blood-soaked warm jacket. I clamped my cheek with my left hand, and held the keys to the apartment in my right hand.
I went to the entrance. Sitting beside him on the bench women at the sight of me were silent and began to be regarded as some kind of curiosity. Of course, they never saw me like that! I entered the apartment. My wife was at home. From my look, she almost fainted. She rushed to me with questions. And I can not explain anything, since I myself do not know who disfigured me that way. Undressed, went to the mirror hanging in the corridor. I looked terrible: a shirt and a face in blood, my cheek was swollen, my face warped. He took hydrogen peroxide and cotton wool, began to wipe the blood.
At the request of my wife, my son immediately arrived. He also wondered why I did not know who had "worked" with my face. After all, I was absolutely sober, this never happened to me.
That day I decided not to contact the doctors for help. Only after lunch the next day did I realize that if I let things slide, after healing, there will be a scar on my cheek. Then I called my son and asked him to take me to the ambulance. I was lucky, it was on this day that the doctor on duty was a maxillofacial surgeon. I paid for the operation, and the doctor, a man of about forty, began to work on my face. The first thing he asked was:
"Who did this to you?"
"There were problems," I answered shortly.
When the doctor after the wound treatment began to impose a cramp (16 pieces!), He noticed with surprise:
"It looks like a surgeon worked on you." The specialist is no worse than me. Made very professionally.
The doctor explained that I had two clear cuts on my face. The first passed under the lower eyelid to the nose, then smoothly changed direction and went along a large mole on the cheek. Then the scalpel shifted to the left of the mole and went to the chin. The incisions were rather deep.
Three years have passed since then. The wound has healed in a week and a half. Braces I took off on my own, and the scar on my cheek looks like a big wrinkle. During these three years, I often wondered: what then happened to me? But I could not remember anything. What is surprising, besides cuts on the cheek, on my hands, on the knuckles of my fingers, my skin was knocked down. It happens when you hit someone with your fists. And I vaguely remembered that I really beat someone, and very strongly. During these years, I was looking for a hypnotist psychologist who could conduct a session of regressive hypnosis, but in our city there were no such specialists.
And then one day I bought a book "In pursuit of UFOs" in the store of the "Book lovers' club". When I began to read this book, something suddenly began to clear in my mind. First it's fragmentary, and then day after day it's getting better and better. Now I remembered everything that happened in the period of failure in my mind.

And it was so. I lost consciousness on the way to the elevator and woke up in some white room measuring about 3.5x2.5x2 meters. I was lying on a white narrow centimeter 60 in width and two meters long with a table. I was completely paralyzed: I could not move my hands or legs. At the same time I was absolutely calm, completely indifferent to everything that is happening. On the left side of me there was an opening, like a door, but there was no door. Behind the wall was a built-in cabinet with glass doors. Near me, there were two small creatures, half a meter and a half tall, with gray skin and ugly and disproportionately large heads. They tinkled in the locker with something metallic. Then they stood next to me: one at my head, and the other on the right.

- Have begun! - rang out in my head.
A thin hand with a scalpel immediately appeared over my face, and I began to cut under the lower eyelid of the left eye. I feel, blood ran down my cheek. The pain was wild, because they cut without any anesthesia. Apparently, my paralysis disappeared from severe pain, I felt that I could move. I tried to raise my hands, they were tied to the table. My legs were free.
In my youth I did a lot of sports: boxing, gymnastics, shooting and throwing grenades. To my old age I managed to maintain the speed of reaction and physical strength. In that situation, I was helped out by gymnastics. I quickly pulled my bent legs to my stomach and made a somersault over my head. I knew this was pretty dangerous, because if I had not pulled my hands out of the shackles, I could easily have broken the ligaments. But I managed to escape.
I landed on my feet. Obviously not expecting such a turn (in the literal and figurative sense), the gray tadpoles swam along the table at a pace. I once again emphasize: it was floated, but did not go! With my left hand I grabbed the nearest of them by the neck and hit him on the head with my fist. From the nostrils of the tadpole, a greenish liquid with a nasty smell splashed with two jets. Something this smell was like the smell of creosote (this substance was previously impregnated with wooden sleepers, so they do not rot).
The second tadpole, meanwhile, managed to slip past the glass cupboard and pulled out a box from there. I realized that this weapon, but he did not have time to apply it. My fist overtook him before. All this happened within five to seven seconds.
I picked up a box dropped by one of the tadpoles. But to consider it and did not have time. Another gray appeared in the opening, pointed the same box to me, and I seemed to disappear into oblivion.
After that I woke up in an unfamiliar place. Apparently, the gray tadpoles abducted me again after I escaped from the ambulance, and completed my experiments.
So, people, be wary of aliens. Contacts with them are dangerous!

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