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Two meetings with humanoid creatures in overalls in the Kostroma region

In the archives of ufologist V. Dyachkov there are two curious stories of eyewitnesses about a meeting with humanoid alien beings in the Kostroma region.

The first story occurred in mid-1991. A group of fishermen from the village of Stupnikovo, Kadyisky district of the Kostroma Region, watched an amazing sight about ten o'clock in the evening: five humanlike creatures, clad in something tight and shiny, walked ... along the waters of the Volga along the shore!

obody noticed where they came from. All the "water-carriers" were of the same height (not more than 150 centimeters), in helmets. Their movements seemed monotonous, mechanical. An interesting detail - when walking water splashes, there was no spray.

Fishermen drew attention to the very large noses of the newcomers, not commensurate with the size of the head.The amazed inhabitants of Stupnikov loudly and enthusiastically shouted, suggesting mysterious strangers to "approach" to the shore, but they walked straight ahead, not turning towards the shore and as if not noticing people.

Two or three minutes passed and a small but dense cloud fell from the top of the water group from somewhere above, like a bunch of fog, a minute later it dispersed - no one was on the water.
The fishermen remembered that over the next village Zavrazhye had circled for days in the evening, sometimes hanging, a UFO in the form of a slightly flattened ball, and came to the conclusion: "Now, apparently, it was he who landed the landing force!"
The second meeting took place in August 1997 on the island of Mohovat on the Kostroma reservoir. Two young people, Gumar Siushev and Albert Kosmasov, and their girls - Raya and Anya - came to the island to fish and rest on a motor boat. A croak was, and in the evening they cooked a magnificent ear.
We drank a bottle of vodka (we will specify: only 125 grams per person), then we drank tea. They went to bed about 12 o'clock in the morning, in one tent. We agreed: who wakes up before, immediately checks the bottom fishing rods, put on the live bait.
Gumar and Raya woke up about five, went ashore to the fishing-rods and stopped dead: three very tall men, dressed in tight suits and rounded helmets with wide slits for eyes ("Like cosmonauts") were approaching them on the water. One of them stopped near the shore and said, turning to Gumar:
"Let's fly with us to our planet!"
And it sounded not as a question, but as an order. The voice was like a human, but some kind of crackling, as if it came from an old spoiled receiver, a speaker or a megaphone. Gumer politely declined:
- I can not, I'm not alone here. We will be searched, and they will think that we have drowned!
Paradise screamed and rushed to a hundred meters from the shore of the tent. She tried to wake Albert and his girlfriend, but she did not succeed.
And left alone with unknown aliens Gumar, in order to soften the categorical refusal, suggested:
"Maybe another time we'll fly?"
He was not given the answer - the mysterious trio disappeared as suddenly as it appeared.
Woke up soon, Albert and Anya claimed that they slept quietly, they did not hear any screams (Rai's cries). The story of friends puzzled them, nevertheless they believed in them, and the appearance of Gumar and Rai fully confirmed their words. Together, it was decided - to pull the fishing rods, leave the island and never again to appear in these places!

About the incident, all four by mutual agreement kept quiet. The first "vow of silence" was violated by Gumar - in the summer of 1998 he told all the ufologists.

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