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UFOologist Scott Waring is confident that the US is hiding a 30-meter UFO in the "Zone S4"

Using the Google Maps program, the famous ufologist Scott Waring discovered a mysterious runway in the southern part of Nevada. After that, he decided to start his own investigation.

In 2010, on a photo on the Internet, made in "Zone S4" , he saw a mysterious structure with a triangular overlap and several hangars near it. The facility is located several kilometers from the US Air Force base Edwards, or Zones 51 .

"I'm sure that in this zone there is a 30-meter UFO. Some have found these images on a Google map and believe that this is the "S6 Zone", but it is not. I've known this since 2010, "said Scott Waring.

The information on this issue, which appears in the media, is rather contradictory. Some researchers are sure that on the basis of the "S4 Zone" there functions a certain scientific object, where they develop aircraft based on the revealed alien technologies.

"In fact, I discovered three UFOs in the area, but the one that is here, it's stunning and huge. This is a 30-meter disc that is located in the largest building with a controlled climate. It seems that the device can not fly yet, so they built a hangar around it to open it at 180 degrees, "says the ufologist.

The words of Scott Waring can confirm another specialist in this field - Stephen Barone. At the end of February, with the help of a night vision camera, he managed to fix the flight of several bright fire spheres, they circled in the night sky over the zones "51" and "S4". The video was very effective then.

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