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A man who claimed to have come from 6491 passed a lie detector test

At the end of February 2018, an odd video appeared on the odious paranormal YouTube channel ApexTV, in which a certain "James Oliver" in a black sweatshirt with a concealed face and a changed voice told that he came from the future, from 6491.

In the video "the alien from the future" told about many things, including the great danger of the Yellowstone volcano, that the volcano will explode and "paralyze the US for 5 years", as the emission of a huge amount of ash and ash will be released into the atmosphere. "James Oliver" did not specify when this happens, only mentioned that for the next 200 years.

A traveler from the future also called himself an alien from another planet, which is outside the solar system. But the data about the planet were indicated to them very vaguely. He also could not really tell how his ship works, what exactly he broke down and when the rescue team will arrive. So it's not surprising that the video from his interview was immediately called a fake one.

Probably as a response to all this criticism on May 29 on the channel ApexTV a new video with "Oliver" was released. In which the traveler in time answered various questions of the channel's editor and at the same time he allegedly was connected to the lie detector. As a result, it turned out that he passed the test for each of the questions, that is, he was telling the truth. More precisely, it shows that he completely believes in what he said.

"My planet is farther from the Sun than yours, so it takes more time to turn around, so our years are longer than yours." We find new planets and galaxies every day, most of them empty, but sometimes we find a reasonable life on them. You will also find new planets and discover new ecological niches, "says James Oliver.
Although the voice of a man is changed, skeptics point out that he has an accent on the resident of Birmingham, and the American's voice.
"We had some conflicts, but most of them were placed under the control of the Federation very quickly." The Federation exists to maintain peace. "
According to Oliver, global warming will be even worse than now and our planet will get very hot. He also says that there is an alien counterpart of the United Nations (UN), which deals with peacekeeping matters (that same Federation). He also told that he is friends with people from different planets.
When Oliver is asked about who will be the next US president, he evasively responds that "there are limitations as to what I can tell you."

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